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We Are Camps originated from Tom and Julie Monahan’s extensive experience in youth camps, the outdoor industry and team building programs. From its beginnings in 2004 when they translated their love of the great outdoors into a vibrant business, they have continually maintained the focus of creating opportunities for their children to enjoy alongside them. This approach has led them from an outfitter providing one and multi-day outdoor adventures to a leader in mobile youth specialty camps, with a wide range of specialty camps available throughout the country.

From the beginnings as an outfitter and specialty retailer, where our children would accompany us on kayak/camping trips to Cumberland Island National Seashore and Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, we soon realized that we needed something to keep our two children active during the summer. Thus began the youth summer programs, including the popular ’Camp Survivor’ day camp. In partnership with the county parks program, this program was truly mobile; involving multiple locations and activities daily. Camp building to crafts and educational programs.

In 2009, the programs expanded to include mobile day camps outside of Southeast Georgia. Emphasis was placed on materials and methods that facilitated mobility without sacrificing quality. Itineraries for half and full day activities were designed to ‘excite, engage and educate’ and encompassed a comprehensive scope maintained within the team building concepts that our company was founded upon.

One of our popular camps, ‘Sideline Sport Camp’, a week-long camp designed to expose youth to non-traditional sports, was soon traveling the country presenting programs on U.S. Air Force bases. Over the years, thousands of children of our Airmen and Airwomen have participated in these camps. With this expansion came the need to develop talented, enthusiastic staff to represent our ideals across the country. The past few years have witnessed continued growth in size and scope. Our ‘Scientists Save the Earth’ role-playing science camp applies our principles to science and technology and is rapidly gaining enthusiastic acceptance. We continue our quest to eliminate the obstacle of place and enable us to bring engaging opportunities for learning, growth and memorable moments anywhere in the world.

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— Tom and Julie Monahan