Archery Instructor

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Mobile Archery Camp Instructor
United States Air Force (USAF) Youth Centers Mobile Archery Camp – Monahan L.L.C.
Salary $440 per week plus travel per diem
~~This is a summer seasonal job opportunity~~


Purpose: Run week-long (5 days), back-to-back youth mobile Archery Camp on US Air Force bases throughout the country, beginning late May and/or early June through beginning of August. Sessions may consist of 30-35 participants. Provide USAF youth center participants with opportunities to enhance their community, jobs, leisure and physical and cognitive skills. The goal of the camp is to expand and assist youths’ understanding of Archery, and to develop an appreciation for Archery as a lifelong skill. 

What are the essential functions of the job?

  • The focal point of the camp is to introduce Archery while supervising and ensuring participants are practicing safely.
  • Lead five consecutive days of training, two sessions per day, Monday through Friday. The sessions last approximately three hours each.
  • Teach fundamental skills to practice Archery. Instructor shall provide training and instruction to meet youth objectives. Monahan LLC provides supplies and equipment.
  • Instruct youth regarding rules and etiquette of Archery.
  • Instruct the basics of Archery that translate into Olympic Recurve, Competitive Archery and Bow hunting.
  • Foster skill development for Archery using the process of explaining the skill, demonstrating the skill, followed by leading drills to practice new skills. Positive feedback is emphasized during skill development sessions. Ensure participants are involved in all aspects of the training/camp.
  • Facilitate team building and other game activities for non-shooting group. Emphasize cohesiveness to ensure the participants, ages 9 through 18.
  • Ensure equipment and material is set up, and is prepared to lead camp no later than 15 minutes before scheduled session. This means that set up is completed by 8:45 a.m. typically, first session consists of 9-12 year olds, and starts at 9:00 a.m. Second session consists of 13-18 year olds, and starts at 1:00 p.m.
  • Responsible for equipment and scheduling vehicle maintenance.

What are the knowledge, skills and abilities required?

Candidate must have National Training System Certified Archery Coaches – Level One Certification (Level Two is preferred). Candidate needs to have previous experience in preparing youth without previous Archery knowledge to learn basic rules and procedures for Archery. Must have the ability to adapt that this is NOT a USA Archery camp. There are times when the participants have no interest in learning the sport. Often you are dealing with kids who parents and/or guardians are deployed for extended times serving our country. They may have relocated many times. Your patience and understanding is required. Candidate must have the ability to conduct back-to-back training/camps at different geographical locations. He/she must also have a valid driver’s license, and pass a weekly background check.

Team Requirements:

Because you will be traveling with a co-worker you must be able to:


  • Both instructors need to not only be able to drive, but be comfortable driving large vehicles (pick-up truck) with trailers, even through cities.
  • Both instructors need to know how to back-up the vehicle with trailer attached.
  • Must drive safely and obey speed limit.


  1. Both instructors need to have a positive temperament. Must have perseverance.


  • Because each instructor takes turns leading a session, the instructor that is not leading and is assisting must be able to take direction. There are times that the assistant instructor needs to know when to take the lead.
  • Understand that you are a team and be proactive. Do not wait to be asked or told what to do by lead instructor.


  • Must be adept to traveling.
  • Before you depart for the first base, discuss your expectations for the trip. Both instructors need to be independent to do things on their own. Because you share the same vehicle, work out a schedule so each of you have access to the vehicle. 

What are the physical, mental and behavioral abilities required?

Archery Camp maintains a high standard for excellence. With no exception, candidates must be able to observe and maintain reasonable standards for behavior and decorum as required for interactions with children.

Candidates for this position:

  • Must have flexibility, and the ability to deal with change. Be capable of running sessions under less than ideal conditions (I.e. last minute change of venue, class size, etc.).
  • Must be physically fit to run an Archery camp. There are times that you might have to carry equipment the length of a football field. Because we do not have control of the lawn care of the fields (i.e., the length of the grass), there are times that you will pull or push your equipment through tall grass to set-up and take down your equipment. Every session you are required to unload and set-up the gear and equipment. After the session you have to take down and reload the gear and equipment into the cargo trailer. There is a lot of pushing and pulling of equipment. You must have the physical ability to handle this task.
  • This is a summer camp you must be able to withstand EXTREME HEAT for two 3-hour sessions, especially for the southern bases. NOTE – most of the bases will be an outdoor camp.
  • Strong physical endurance is required. There are times when you have a very limited break in between the morning and afternoon session.
  • Loud voice required.
  • Must be able to react quickly to emergencies.
  • Must possess excellent leadership skills in encouraging the development of the participants, and be able to motivate youth.
  • Need to have excellent verbal communications skills.
  • Must be patient.

What authority level does this position have?

Candidates should be able to make command decisions. Owners set up logistics and schedule. There are times that change is required to meet the request of the USAF Youth Center directors. Logistics and schedule changes must be customer driven. Candidate has the authority to meet the highest standards of customer service to the USAF Youth Center directors. Candidate will have the authority to change script to keep the flow of the camp but not reduce the time of the sessions. Constant improvement ideas are encouraged.

Whom does this position report to?

Tom and Julie Monahan.

What are the requirements for this position?

  • National Training System Certified Archery Coaches – Level One certification or higher preferred. Experience in coaching and teaching archery to youth in 9 – 18 year old age group.
  • Must be able to lead team building activities without assistance from co-worker.
  • Demonstrate strong organizational skills and good attention to detail.
  • Must be able to obtain and maintain clearance to work with children-youth is a mandatory and essential component of this position and continued employment.
  • Ability to manage and work with co-worker/USAF staff.
  • Strong customer service orientation.
  • Creative thinker and innovator.

Example timeline of travel after you finish your weeklong camp at a base:

Friday Night

  • Remain at base

Saturday Morning

  • Begin drive to new base
  • Contact point of contact at new base with arrival time.
  • Arrive at base pass and identification center or at point of contact designated area.
  • Drop trailer at previously discussed point of contact designated area.
  • Check into lodging.
  • Free for night and Sunday

Other Information:

This is not a USA Archery camp, we use USA archery as a guideline. The USAF staff that assist you during the camp are not USA Archery certified, they are not trained archery instructors. Monahan L.L.C. coordinates the schedule with the participating USAF installations. Vehicle, cargo trailer, uniforms, equipment and materials are provided by Monahan LLC. Each USAF base provides lodging one evening prior to camp and the evening of the last day of camp. While traveling on the road, if hotel lodging is needed, Monahan LLC will make the hotel reservation. Things to consider before you apply; previous summer commitments i.e., weddings, concerts, job interviews, new job orientation, etc. As we are not able to accommodate request to take a break from the schedule or return home early. Family, friends, teammates, co-workers are encouraged to apply.

How to apply:

Send the following to

  1. Resume highlighting archery experience.
  2. Three (3) professional references.
  3. A short video of yourself instructing archery.