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Sideline Sports Camp

Discover your hidden potential. Open new doors to excitement. Our popular Sideline Sports Camp exposes youth to non-traditional sports. Learn to play new sports; experience the skills, understand the rules and feel the excitement. Get off the sideline – find your new adventure here!

Science Camp

Science camp includes exposure to a variety of science fields under a role-playing context, giving kids a chance to “play” with science through hands-on experiments that will appeal to both girls and boys. Each field introduces concepts, tools and a team initiative leading to clues. Games and other initiatives are interspersed throughout to keep the time fun and fast paced.

Soccer Camp

Our Soccer Camps teach the skills and fundamentals of the game, just like other soccer camps. At We Are Camps, however, we put the emphasis on FUN and GAME. Say goodbye to boring repetition; we design activities that utilize soccer skills and strategies into an enjoyable environment. Each day concludes with lots of time for actual soccer games, meaning more time to enjoy what you came for!

Archery Camp

Katniss Everdeen or Robin Hood? Whichever you prefer, start your journey with our Archery Camp. Don’t have a range near you? That’s alright because we come to you. Learn the principles of archery, such as how to stand, set-up, string, aim and release during our one-week camp. Improve your marksmanship with our certified instructors providing safe, quality training on-site.